Consulting and Strategy

With decades of experience in the technology arena I offer a valuable combination of technical prowess with practical business acumen. I am happy to discuss your business objectives and customise a service offering that is most appropriate for you. Having run a number of businesses helps me to get quickly on to the same page when evaluating technical strategy. The type of strategic advice I can assist with include the following:

  • Organisational IT Strategy including Infrastructure, Service Management, Security, marketing, digital asset management
  • Project Management ( especially software projects using Agile / DevOps / Continuous Delivery )
  • Approaches Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Software Development

Much of my average work day is spent developing, customising or integrating software across a range of technology stacks.

My technical development capability are currently focussed on the following components:

  • NodeJS / Angular 4 Web applications
  • Ionic Cross Platform Mobile Application Development with Apple Enterprise and Developer licenses and applications on Android and Apple stores.
  • WordPress PHP Websites including WooCommerce and custom plugin development
  • Integration endpoints including Xero, Atlasssian, Google, Firebase, Amazon and others
  • Perl, Java, Javascript, C# remain my core language set
  • MySQL, Postgres, Firebase, MongoDB, SQL-Server as preferred database platforms
  • Linux as primary O/S and regular user of MacOS and Windows
  • Supporter and contributor to Open Source and Open Data


I maintain a number of servers both in Australia and overseas and provide Domain registration, WordPress hosting and managed custom infrastructure on Cloud based and internal infrastructure. I offer full cPanel support on hosted solutions and can manage design, content and marketing solutions.

Data Management Services

Whether it’s integration, product catalog maintenance, GIS data, temporal data, scheduling, data mining, data manipulation, reporting or data mining. I have experience in the collection, management and extraction of data and can efficiently assess your requirements to help address your data needs.

Advanced Visualisation / Virtual Reality and Game Development

While not a core competency I have an interest in the possibilities afforded by the rich user interface provided by Virtual Reality and games engines. This includes:

  • Unity 3D game engine
  • D3 and other data visualisation
  • VR modelling using HTC Vive and mobile devices