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Review Existing Google Related CPAN Modules

There are quite a few Google related CPAN modules, some of which are useful and many of which are stale and un-usable.

Reviewing modules will not only help others filter out those that are not worth using but will help to identify approaches used that could help improve our code or advise of alternative approaches.

Perpetual Release Management and Mojoconf

Marcus Ramberg, one of the core developers of Mojolicious and author of Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2 recently presented at Nordic Perl Workshop Automated testing of Mojo apps with drone and rolling deployments to Kubernetes. Stop petting your Perl projects, and get into farming them.

As I am starting to deploy Mojolicious apps to Google Cloud I am eager to find a good CI workflow. At the moment I'm expecting to work thrugh the approach described here by Marcus.

gcloud auth configure-docker; docker build . -t;

More soon on progressing Kubernetes etc soon.

v0.20 on CPAN